Question: Amazon Account (Pertaining to Woot Coupon)

So I’m very interested in purchasing this coupon since there are a few things here I’ve been eyeballing for awhile. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is that Amazon Local is asking for my credit card number >.< I’m very much not comfortable with this. Is there any way at all I can get the coupon without giving that information?

I’m almost to the point of asking if anyone else who already has their account set up for it to get the coupon for me >.<

moot point now.

O.o That was fast. Damn.

Since Amazon already has my credit card number, I didn’t have a problem. I take it you don’t have an Amazon account.

I have an amazon account, but it’s still asking for my credit card information >.< It’s why red flags began to fly.

If it’s the first time you’ve bought through local, or through that computer/phone, it will prompt you to confirm your identity.

do you allow your account to save your cc info? do you have more than one account?

i got the coupon; my cc info from a previous purchase was already in there. i baleeted the info afterwards. is it possible you bedeted your cc info from your account previously?

It could be because it’s my first time buying through local, and I’m on the work computer. Bah, at this point I think I’m going to open a bank account and keep just enough in there for it to stay open to use in cases like this >.<

Yeah… I got the alert on my phone, but was on the road.
By the time I could check it…

the lesson to be learned: NEVER TRY.

Or, slam on the brakes and woot.

I missed it too. But I’ve never looked at Amazon local before. Some of the offers look interesting. If I take an online bar tending course that means I have to drink what I make right? That could be fun.

I wish I had said screw it and coughed up the information now >.< I was really on the fence about it, but just…

Gotta make that dumby bank account. There’s no other way now.

Do you have the option of creating a single-use or limited-use temporary credit card number?

that might be another option for the future too, rather than trying to manage another bank account.

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Well, I was with BeCu until they screwed me over through PP. Ngovednik and I were batting around the idea of just reopening the account since Fidelity, our bank of choice, doesn’t accept cash. It would pretty much be our go-between. I can find out if Fidelity would be up for that in the meantime though.

…how long is that good for? Because, of course, work computer won’t open it :wah: