QUESTION: Cork flooring

Does anyone have cork flooring or know any of the pros and cons of it?

I wonder if it would be good in the basement?
The floor isn’t totally level, poured cement.
So far everyone says rug.
But with a slop sink, and boiler, I would rather have something that survives getting wet or damp.

The dehumidifier runs all year. Way less in the winter, but it still runs at times.

I watch a lot of HGTV. Why, I don’t know. None of the great ideas will ever be done in my house. Anyway, the TV designers think it’s the new and up coming flooring product. It’s cheaper than hardwood and good looking. At least that’s what they say…

You could go to their website and see what they have to say about it…

hmmm. I know it’s not like the cork from a bulletin board - but it just seems like it wouldn’t be that durable.

I guess you could tack your notes to the floor though

Oh, didn’t think about that…No bare feet in the house…Maybe those hotshot designers aren’t telling us all the pros and cons…

LOL. No, it’s not like a bulletin board at all. I’ve been online. I’d like to hear from someone who either has it or decided against it. Online is saying they have to be sealed every five years, but I don’t know how old those posts are. The guy at the flooring store didn’t mention that.

I googled it and some said it was pet friendly, some said not.
May not be good for basements.

Hubby wants tile in the kitchen, I hate the hardness of tile. We don’t wear shoes in the house and I’m too lazy to leave slippers by the front door.
I wonder if the chairs would ruin the cork?

I think they have something called cushioned vinyl tile. You might want to look at that.

I really like the look of cork flooring. It’s warmer than tile, more durable than real wood. And, cork grow faster than hard woods, so it’s much more renewable. I researched it 10+ years ago, when it wasn’t very common, and couldn’t find a reason not to install it…other than the price. If it’s becoming more popular, and the price has come down, it would be my flooring of choice for any room. Yes, it needs to be sealed, but it’s easier to clean than carpet, and real hard wood has to be sanded and stained/sealed on the same schedule. Laminate flooring is the only thing I’m aware of that is lower maintenance.

And…if I were putting tile in somewhere, I would go with the laminate tiling. Looks very much like the real deal, easier to install/remove, but warmer.

Cold feet are a big deal!

I have laminate currently and I love it. The problem is I have the tile look that has grout lines. The new stuff is going to abut that. Another tile look with different grout lines is going to look like someone who wears plaids and stripes together.

You don’t want the wood laminate?

I’m one of the few people in the world that doesn’t like hardwood. And I think hardwood laminate looks really fakey. Although the cork I’m looking at does come in planks.

Aha, makes sense. Some of the wood laminate looks good, some of it looks fake.

I think the cork is awesome. It’s so much nicer to stand on than wood.

Wondering if the table and chairs will make dents in it.

Hmm. I don’t recall anyone saying.

They will. Not sure how long they have to sit before becoming permanent.

You could also look at Bamboo.

We looked at Bamboo. I’ve only heard really good things, but I don’t know anyone locally that’s done it, yet.

Vinyl is sh**it.

I have read that Bamboo isn’t harvested properly and as a result isn’t very sturdy and leads to lots of soil erosion/deforestation.