question: UPS or USPS? fed-ex?


i just got my first woot recently and i was wondering what shipping method woot uses - post office, ups, or fed-ex?



Fedex Ground is how I’ve received everything in the past.



In my extensive experience with woot (I’ve only purchased one thing actually), I got it via UPS from somewhere in Connecticut…odd, since I know woot isn’t that far away from me outside of Dallas. Point being, it came via UPS. They prob end up shipping with whatever carrier will be cheapest for a given size of item or weight.


hey, thanks for the input. apppreciate it.


It varies. Some items woot ships from the warehouse, others are shipped directly from whomever woot is listing the item for. The watches and televisions are recent examples of that.


Is there any way to choose a specific shipping method, or at least know beforehand which way they’re shipping? I live in a dormitory that only accepts fedex/ups, and I have a P.O. Box that only accepts USPS (different addresses), so uhhh… I dunno what to do. Do I just take a chance and do dorm (I think Fedex/UPS is most common)?



Give them both [;)]


For the shipping address? Billing address is different too, so I can’t put one in billing and one in shipping. Do I just put it in the additional comments/instructions box thing?



Hello Justin


There’s two lines for addresses.


Thanks very much.

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