Question- Is it better to have your hair cut before or after you color it?
If you can answer it, great! If not, post a question you would like an opinion on. Smart a## answers are as welcome as serious ones.


Cut your hair before you color it; that way you won’t get crayon on your scissors.


Wonder if crayons come in blonde? :smiley:


My stylist always colors mine first, don’t know why.


Cuz it means it’s already been washed and conditioned . . .


Why do you know the workings of a womens hair salon?

I would color first, but that is so the person cutting doesn’t see the gray (or grey, sorry Poof, I forgot which). Besides, why mess up the new haircut when you color it!

Gman, which do you do first?


Sister was a hairdresser . . . wife goes to a hairdresser . . .


Cut after color, otherwise the hair won’t go through the printer.


Yeah, it’ll get tangled up in the hot rollers inside the printer.


If you set fire to your hair, you save lots of money on shampoo.


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What was your question?


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hair (fur) product.


heh. nice euphemism, ‘crayon’.

depends on the bl-

never mind.


Definitely color first. Most people get their hair shampooed, cut, and dried. (Having the hair wet makes it easier to cut, I guess)

If you were to cut first, it would be

  • shampoo
  • cut
  • dry (color doesn’t adhere to wet hair)
  • color
  • shampoo
  • dry/style

At least, that’s how it has been explained to me.



Hey furball! Is that how you get that great color? :wink:


You definately should color your hair first…that way you your fine ass hair stylist will be all damn girl, you got some fine ass hot pink hair. It matches my poodle, wanna see? Then you’ll fall in love. That’s how I found my wife… ahhh memories.


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