Does anyone here have a suggestion of what to put under a charcoal grill on a deck? Although there’s several companies that make grill pads/mats for gas grills, only one for charcoal, and I’m not real convinced it’s what we need. I’d hate to burn the deck down.

Cement blocks? If they aren’t too heavy.

what’s wrong with the grill pad?

along the same vein, mabe you could just use some ceramic tiles.

It says “fire resistant.” I’d kind of like fireproof.

according to the website of the “original grill pad,” nothing is fireproof.

i still think you could use some bricks or tiles or something.

Move the bbq off the deck.

I’m with No1, get some tiles or bricks.

Yeah, I kind of like the idea of tiles or pavers. We could have pavers instead of decking for a portion of the deck, but that makes it permanent and we might want to change where the grill’s going. I’ve have loved to have had pavers for the whole deck, but I’d have to win the lottery.

Usually the grill is elevated enough so that you don’t need anything under it.

You don’t ever get sparks or little pieces of hot embers falling out of the grill?

Probably wouldn’t be able to get a nice big sheet of asbestos, right?

A charcoal grill usually doesn’t have any openings on the bottom, so the only way an ember is going to escape is due to windage. Those usually burn out before they land.

A gas grill will have a hole in the bottom, and many people hang an old soup can there to catch the drippings that escape.

With a wood deck or composite materials, I don’t think you’ll have any problems at all with embers.

Exterior-grade ceramic tiles adhered and grouted on a 4’ x 4’ piece of cement backer board. As “fireproof” as you can get and you can move it to any portion of the deck you wish.

Estimate $75-$100+ depending on tile selection.

That sounds good! I didn’t know there was such a thing as exterior tiles.

except for when poofguy inadvertently knocks over the whole shebang

But then you get the insurance money!

I can send you my asbestos tiles from the basement.

This sounds logical.

for the deck or poofguy or both?

It better be both.