Wait, what? Why do you want poofguy damaged?

if he damages her deck!

So, what are you going to do?

Not sure yet. Husband said something about a big piece of metal. But then he also said something about not needing anything. I guess I’ll leave it up to the griller.

But thanks everybody for the suggestions. I love woot.

unless the whole deck is “fire proofed” it’s unlikely that anyone would make the fire proofed area big enough to account for this proposed incident. As stated elsewhere, the odds of anything falling out of the grill that would stay hot enough long enough to actually damage the deck should be minuscule.

That said, if the Poofs think that the grill tipping over is a real possibility, then maybe having a grill on a deck isn’t such a great idea ;o)

From six years ago - we ended up putting nothing under the grill and have never had a problem.

LOL… Wooden deck?
I’m glad you stayed safe.
I’d probably splash a gallon of water on the deck before every BBQ…