Questions about the bride and groom

Okay guys I know I’m reaching asking you all, but…

I need to come up with some questions about my sister and her fiance (stuff I can ask them) that we can use for games at the shower. The questions need to be modest, polite, but fun. There should also be several that their grandmas could answer!

Ok, so I’m going down and want to ask the questions this weekend, so I’m kinda rushed for time. I’d like something better than, who said “I love you” first, and those kinds of questions, but Google has betrayed me.

I’m thinking more along the lines of:

“How does the groom hang the toilet paper?”
“When she was a little girl, what did the bride want to do be when she grew up?”

If I can get 20 or so great questions to ask, to each the bride and the groom, well then you all can get really creative!

Thanks all!


Here’s what was asked of me at my bridal shower. Feel free to use any of these:

  1. What’s the groom’s favorite food?
  2. If the groom were a superhero, who would he be?
  3. Where did you go on your first date?
  4. What animal would the groom compare you to?
  5. What was his first pet?
  6. What is his favorite music group?
  7. What is his favorite color?
  8. How old was he when he had his first kiss?
  9. What is his favorite game system?
  10. What is his favorite movie?
  11. If his hand was a kitchen utensil, what would it be?
  12. Which song best describes your first date: Sea of Love, Maneater, Separate Ways, Our Lips are Sealed, or Cold as Ice?
  13. Who would the groom say was the “better catch” out of you two?
  14. What is his favorite cereal?
  15. What’s the groom’s dream vacation?
  16. If he could be fluent in any foreign language, what would he choose?
  17. What tool will the bride say you are most like:
    a drill b/c you’re noisy; a skill saw b/c you’re skillful; a hammer because you’re “smashing baby”; or a level b/c you’re level-headed?
  18. If he could have any vehicle, what would it be?
  19. What is his favorite feature of the bride’s?

Wow, I think that just about covers it. You lucked out KtC.

No kidding! Thanks SB!

If anyone has anything to add, I have another day before I head down, and I will have internet while I’m there!

No problem! Luckily I’ve been getting ready to start on my wedding scrapbook, and I came across the questions just last night. :slight_smile:

I had some fun, too. I asked my husband the questions to see if his answers would be the same as 3 years ago. I also asked him the same questions about me to see if he could answer them correctly. hehe

And?? did his answers change? did he get them right? :slight_smile: nosy, uh I mean curious, minds want to know

lol! Most of his answers were the same, and he did a good job answering for me. :slight_smile:

That’s always good to know. My sister is very big on the I don’t want you to humiliate me, I didn’t even want a shower, and I’m only coming because you and the MOH are making me. I’m going to use the questions on the guests during the “Bloomers” game. If they get the answer wrong they have to take a layer of wrapping paper off. I just finished making the “Bloomers” and have the first box finished, time to get out my wrapping paper!


I got a Hershey’s Kiss for each question I got right. XD