Questions Game

Some of you drama students (old and new) might recognize this one.

Pretty much, questions are answered with more questions. After this first post, no more statements. Try to avoid using questions that have already been used and see if we can’t have a semi-fluid conversation! Adding a question mark to the end of a statement doesn’t counter xp

So, is there anyone interested?

Are you kidding me?

Why would you ask that?

How many tries do we get?

how many do you want?

Can you handle countless tries?

Did you talk to my aunt when you dreamt up this game?

Was your aunt in drama class?

Did you see her there?

Was there a mole on her nose?

Did she have blue eyes?

What’s it to yah?

Who wants to know?

Why won’t anyone just answer the question?

Could you repeat the question?

Could you speak up?

Are you deaf?

Are you mute?

Are you moot?

What does that mean?