I purchased a couple of the vbp-5000 dvd/vcp machines a couples weeks ago. Shortly afterward I recieved one of the units. Paying attention to the e-mail that packages may arrive on different days, I waited a week past the arrival of the first to start wondering what was going on. I e-mailed Woot ( asking what was going on (this was on the 16th), and have not yet recieved a response.

So, Friday (18th) morning, shortly after midnight and checking the day’s woot, I decide to call Fedex since they have the package listed in TX (as in it never left there) and ended up getting a call back later in the day from a local guy. With Fedex researching it I felt better and left it till today.

Today rolls around and I call the local guy who tells me he has been unable to locate it. He recommends I get a claim rolling so I can do…umm…something I guess. Doing that, I call up Fedex global and they tell me that Woot was paid the insurance claim on Friday. I also find out later that my package made it to Salt Lake where lost goods apparently go to die, but is now on its way back to Woot.

So here it is 2 weeks after my order, short $88, a dvd/vcp player, and no one from Woot seems to want to talk to me. And all this on my first Woot purchase. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting this resolved? I have no problem with Woot beyond the lack of communication. I recognize that shipping problems (lost labels, etc) are going to happen and it just happened to be my turn for one, I just want to get this resolved and get back on my merry way and wait for a chance at a BoC in the future. Thanks for your input!


Sorry to hear that you got cought up in the “black-Hole” shipping problems that some experiance. You should post to the thread from the day you purchased your item so that one of the Woot! reps can find it easily. This area may or may not attract their attention. Also you might try sending a personal Message to Jason Toon or Snapster. They can help you get it resolved! Happy Wooting!


TheTiGuR, I’ll do my best to get your post some attention from staff. However I suggest following lordelix’a suggestion and repost this in the item’s thread, also.

Eta-nm, you already did that.


Okay, The TiGuR…check your private messages.BigD will try and get it resolved tomorrow. I’ve sent you the info needed and to whom it should go.




Yeah, I figured the original thread was the best, first place to start, but considering it was semi-old, I thought it might warrant a seperate thread here just to garner some attention, just in case. I have made suggested contacts and look forward to hearing back from the high wootmasters.

Thanks for the suggestions from all of you.

Now, time to go to bed.


Horray for helpfulness!


Lol, yeah…and I’ll check back to see if TiGuR patience has yielded any progress…


This does have me thinking that I should probably have my car power converters by now… hmm… I better look into that.




I have tracking information indicating I have a package arriving Wednesday. Thanks for the tips and help, it was much appreciated!


Wooters are the best people

glad you got it resolved. Now if only the rest of the world worked liked this it would be a much happier place. Woot-on!