Quick Access Safe with Biometric Lock

Tell the asshole to take his finger off the trigger

My goodness, right!?

Take a moment and research pictures you plan on using, please. Gun safety is serious and needs to be treated as such.

Oh, calm down! There was probably a spider in there he had to deal with. Boom. No more spider.

I always like to have my finger on the trigger when removing my pistol or placing my pistol into a safeā€¦

Besides poor gun safety practices, is this a good safe and a good value?

Can this thing be bolted down?? Or can someone just pick it up and walk away>?

That was my exact thought! SHEESH! Made me cringe.

Irresponsible firearm handling. I thought Woot was in Texas. They should know better.

YES! I was about to post this very thing!