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Not sure if i am allowed to post this here, but i thought i would give it a shot. So, im looking for a Ipod Fm transmitter. Anyone have any good luck with one? Ive heard alot of bad reviews and was wondering if anyone out there has had any good luck with one kind? I have a 4GB ipod, the 2nd newest model… short and fat ones? lol i dont know he generation, but yea. Any help would be great! Thanks

and yes, i dont need any mumbo jumbo from all the people that hate ipods, lol. i may pick up like a 1GB Sansa next time they are on woot, for working out and stuff, but i use my ipod for long trips which i make frequently. Thanks!!

I love my iPod for long trips.

Anyhow… I bought a belkin fm transmitter a long time ago and it’s still working… and works well. You just gotta find a good station, and if you’re driving a long distance, just be prepared to have to pull over and find a new station from time to time.

The one I have I use on my 30g 5th Generation iPod. I beat the crap out of it too… It sits in the bottom of my purse for extended periods, or sometimes I find it on the floor of my passenger side. I have yet to break it…

It came with a lighter charger which is awesome for those 8 hour drives.


Is that the iPod you’re using?

Anyhow, I bought mine at Fred Meyer, but I dont know where you live, so you may not have that chain there.

If you can tolerate going into WalMart, they should have some decent options.

You just have to remember that it’s an FM transmitter, so generally it’s gonna kinda suck if you can’t find that perfect station.

Another option is to find out if your car stereo has an aux output. If it does, it can be cheaper to just buy the aux cable and do it that way… but you might wanna buy a car chager for your iPod if your trips are extra long.

Yea, that is the one i use :slight_smile:

dont have a fred myer, i havnt even heard/seen one :slight_smile: I live in Minnesota!

Ive done few hours of research to try and find the best one, but none have great reviews, and i dont have a aux output which really sucks! not even a tape deck for a tape/cord thing, what i used in my old car! So, i am tryin to go the cheap route and just get a fm transmitter… Think its best to spend like 50 bucks or so on one, or to just get a whole new car audio player +installation cost. It will cost more then 100 bucks i know, i was quoted 75 bucks to get the car stereo installed, so that alone is more then a fm transmitter… and i travel alot from MN to SD, so yea, i need this for my trips!! lol i just dont know what to do, and if i go with the fm transmitter, not sure which to buy!

I think that belkin offers some for as low as 39.99… and between MN and SD I would think finding an optimal radio station shouldn’t be too hard, unless I’m just ignorant and there are tons of actual radio stations out that way.

(Fred Meyer is like Krogers but better… it’s a sister company of Krogers… but has a one stop shopping to it… clothes, food, electronics, so on.)

The car stereo that I have now has an aux output, but I find that I still have to use a charger to keep my iPod going for the extra long trips. It just depends on how much money you wanna blow on this.

FM Transmitter is definitely the cheapest/easiest way to go.