Quickfire Instant Fire Starters

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Quickfire Instant Fire Starters
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Longest 2 minutes of my life.

anybody tried lighting these with a magnesium sparker? work OK?

A “fire starter” that you still have to light… on fire. Hmmmm…

They should just call it portable kindling.

I wonder if this is the same product I saw on a “Shark Tank” rerun last week.

Comparison to other firestarters


Same price as on Amazon but you can get FREE shipping so it’s actually cheaper. Not a deal at all.


[MOD: Math is hard. Price is double.]

Nice, or just kindling maybe? Fire assist sounds felonious.

I do not get the same price, I see amazon as twice as much (with free shipping.)

Your are right, the Amazon price is twice as much, the woot price for 100 is a great deal.

I’ve never used these, but have used something similar. Use these once your bird’s nest or kindling teepee has already been ignited with a magnesium striker. The heat these put off and length of burn enables you to build a sustainable fire faster.

Why not just use a Galaxy 7 ?

If you need a fire first to start the fire it’s not much of a survivalist tool.

They should combo the Quickfires together with this: http://www.woot.com/offers/plasma-beam-lighter-w-usb-charging-cable-2-pack-11

Arsonist’s starter pack.

SOLD…in for max. Awesome video! I use my fireplace a lot in the fall, winter, and spring. Also, for my camp fires I want the type of fire starter that I don’t have to treat as though a flea’s fart will cause it to go out.

Then you’re not a survivalist. You are an arsonist! :slight_smile:

No, I am not a survivalist, nor am I an arsonist; however, I have experienced several of the activities included in the write-up for this product.

More fun activities include others and likely starts with a bottle from wine.woot…

woot is actually owned by amazon ;]