Quik Shade Expedition EX100 Instant Canopy

Quik Shade Expedition EX100 Instant Canopy
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Reviews: One Good, One Bad over at Walmart
Reviews over at The Home Depot

The Home Depot reviews indicate that it is not waterproof (and the specs do not say it is, but also don’t mention that it isn’t).
Also sounds like it is more for short term shade, not long-term use (apparently does not handle extended sun exposure well).
And (as is normal), the so-called retail price is grossly overstated (Home Depot and Amazon are both around $86).

What color is the canopy? We have one that’s grey, which is fine, but don"t want black.

It’s dark green as shown.

The 150D fabric would be why. Too thin. It’s just polyester and doesn’t state that it has any kind of waterproofing done to the inside of the fabric. For comparison, their storage bags are made of 600D polyester. It’ll last far longer than the canopy.

If you’re going to use this for occasional use during fair weather, it’s probably a great deal for that. If you need it to last through rugged outings, regular picnics, tailgaters in all kinds of weather, and more, you’ll want to look at something more durable and rated waterproof.

edit: Welcome back, TT! Missed you!!

Does the bag have wheels?

If you go to Quik Shade’s site (linked in my previous message), it looks like the other ones do, but not this one.

? how much does the canopy weigh?

Hey guys- Here are the answers to some questions:

These weigh 33 lbs.

The bag does not have wheels, and the canopy is water-resistant, but not water-proof – meaning it can resist the penetration of water but the fabric isn’t graded to be “waterproof”.

I’ve been using Quikshade canopies for several years. Regardless of whether is stated as water resistant, it should be more than adequate. I find that if/when a Quikshade canopy begins leaking, it’s usually at the seams which is easily resolved by a quick shot of fabric protector over the seams. Due to legal implications, you don’t see the the term ‘waterproof’ used much anymore.

I usually get a few years out of these, and leave them up year-round. The exception being when snow is forecast. In the past, the canopy cover couldn’t withstand a snow load at all. This past winter, a few inches of snow was forecast so I left the canopy up, figuring it could handle the load. Well, when I got up and 9" of snow later, the canopy frame had collapsed under the weight. I was shocked that the canopy cover itself was fine! I just needed to dig it out. Unfortunately, Quikshade doesn’t appear to sell individual parts anymore. However, this seems a really good price so I’m getting one.