Quik Shade Expedition EX100 Instant Canopy

Reviews over at The Home Depot

Read Title Carefully - This is a SHADE tent (only), for calm sunny days.
Amazon reviews (www.amazon.com/Quik-Shade-Expedition-Straight-Instant/dp/B00II9JX30) echo HD pretty much.
Seems it does not hold in the wind, and is NOT waterproof (so, worthless in the rain).
Also, Woot shows their usual inflated list price of $129.99 (it sells for $86.94 at both Home Depot and also Amazon).

To be fair, the WOOT-inflated list price should be compared to Amazon’s stated list price of $110. And if you go to the manufacturer’s website, the list price there is in fact $129.99

So one assumes, like Henry Ford, that you can have any color you want as long as it’s black?

Isn`t this hunter green?

Yep it’s green.

I bought two of these last time around for the same price and they’ve held up well. We live in the bay area, it isn’t too hot or too cold and we haven’t had any rain, but we’ve had two of these up in our backyard 24/7 for 2 weeks now and they haven’t blown over or shown any wear.

They aren’t the best shades I’ve ever seen but for $60, I might be in on another one to keep packed up for travel.

It’s actually $111.99 at Dick’s. It’s not inflated, you have to extend the frame to support the canopy. Zing!

As noted by others, this is only for shade and the included owner’s manual states “Do not use in any rain”. I compared this to a First-up brand canopy that I also own. The quik shade canopy only attaches by velcro at the corners and doesn’t have additional velcro loops around the canopy to secure to the frame like the First-up canopy does. Canopy top is 100 percent polyester and feels thinner than the material on my other canopy. But just for shade, it works.