Quik Shade Instant Canopies

FYI that the 81 is NOT 12 x 12. It’s 9x9. That’s 81 sq ft.

Hello there!

The base is 12 x 12, and the canopy itself is 9 x 9.


This deserves a “quality post”. This should NOT be titled as 12x12! C’mon woot get it together!

Anyone know if you can buy side panels for these separately?

What is shipping time. If I were headed from Tennessee to Florida for a weekend trip would I get by Friday?

Dumb question.

In other words, is Amazon shipping or the manufacturer?

I would definitely not plan on receiving one of these by Friday. To clarify, I’m not saying it’s not possible, I just wouldn’t make that my first plan.

Anyone have a review of the ST81? Can’t seem to find one anywhere…

Come on Woot. Make them put the correct sizes on these things. this is not 12 x 12 it is 9 x 9. Why tick people off when they order something that is not what is advertised. Nobody cares what the base size is when buying a canopy.

On the “Quik Shade Weekender Aero Shade 10’ x 10’ Instant Canopy - White” what is the height from the ground to the lowest part of the canopy skirting please?

Is the base adjustable or does it have to be set to 12x12? I have a 10x15 ft. deck and was wondering if this would fit.

Do you know the valance height?