Quik Shade Instant Canopies

Reviews on Amazon are mixed: http://www.amazon.com/Shade-Weekender-Instant-Canopy-12x12-Feet/product-reviews/B00BBT7KB6/ref=cm_cr_dp_see_all_btm?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending

But I will say, rain happens. And for it not to be able to be out in the rain at all was the biggest drawback for me. That and the report of the person that had it in the past and the report of flimsiness.

Keep in mind that the measurements are of the footprint, not necessarily of the canopy, so the ones with the angled legs that say 10x10 and 12x12 are actually 8x8 and 9x9 respectively.

To accurately explain the experience I had with Quik Shade, I quote the person I bought it for:

“EASY UP?! I DON’T THINK SO! QUIK SHADE?! NOT IN YOUR LIFETIME!!!” (after spending three hours trying to set the thing up and the flimsy material tearing without much effort)

I’d prefer some instant canapes

In all of my time watching Woot, I personally have never seen these for sale. Then, just this week, I DESTROYED my parents Quik Shade that I borrowed from them. Wind took it up and over my fence, out onto the driveway and into the side of my car. Oops. Thanks again Woot! You have saved me some money due to my expensive and stupid mistake.

As for a review of the actual canopy itself… While I don’t know what model it was, it was very easy for my husband and I to put up. Only took a few minutes and that was with us never doing one before. It was sturdy and served its purpose. My issue was that we had a storm come through and since it was sitting on concrete, it wasn’t anchored down to anything. A little strong wind and up it went. But that’s complete user error, as these things are technically for sun shade only, not rain or wind. I would imagine that if you don’t leave these things up like they are a permanent structure, they will work just fine.

I do own one of these. Took my husband and I about 5 minutes to put up and was nice and easy. It did take both of us to do. I couldn’t see 1 person doing it alone, unless you keep walking around it, extending the legs 1" at a time. Once up, it was quite sturdy. It also had anchors to hold it into the ground in case of a wind. I did pay only $69 for mine at a big box store (on sale). I recommend one for events.

We use canopies a LOT in this family and our large Quik Shade is great!

I own a green 12x12 Quik Shade (with straight legs), a Quik Shade Go backpack canopy, several E-Z UPs in different sizes, a couple Ozark Trail, and several off-brand canopies.

They’re used for house parties/events, camping, boating, LOTS of beach use, and numerous other outdoor activities.

The Quik Shade is by far the easiest to put up. The plastic latches used in extending the legs and again when taking the canopy down are 10x easier to use than the spring loaded metal/plastic pin types found on most other canopies. The plastic seems solid and shows no sign of wear after a year and a half of use.

I have a bad back and can put this canopy up, position, and anchor it in less than 2 minutes, by myself, in the hot sun and sand, right after lugging all of our beach gear down the boardwalk. If it were a competition…under a minute, no problem. Taking it down is even easier than putting it up–takes about thirty seconds, of which most of that time is spent shaking the sand off. When folded up, the canopy fits in the back seat of our Camry with a little room on each end to avoid scratching the interior/door.

The Quik Shade has seen some Gulf winds and I have had no problems with bending poles, though I have experienced this with other canopies. The 12x12 Quik Shade, while still durable, is a bit lighter and smaller when collapsed than a 12x12 E-Z UP. I will say the E-Z UP is sturdier and more weather resistant. I don’t use the Quik Shade in the rain, although I’m sure after treating with some water repellent, the pooling up issue shouldn’t be a problem.

Having used canopies for years, it’s been a blessing to have the Quik Shade 12x12 for the last two beach seasons. The super easy setup, compactness, and amount of shade provided makes it a preference over any of the others. WE LOVE IT!

TIP: Get comfortable setting up/taking down quickly by yourself (it’s easy!) or with a designated friend/family member and don’t be afraid to ask others in your group not to help if they offer/try. An extra body or two in the mix just causes extra hassle…it’s way easier with 1-2 people. ENJOY!

We bought one of these a couple years ago at a local sporting goods store. The price was right for the size that summer… then we realized it was the FOOTPRINT they measured… very tricky and dishonest IMO…NOWHERE did it say on the packaging or ad that it was the footprint, and as some have straight legs, the canopy size would be the same as the footprint, but not the angled leg models.

Anyway, that aside… We babied ours until one day a big storm came up at the beach while we were away having lunch… it picked the thing up and slammed it down further down the beach, bending one leg. The top fared ok though, someone had taken it off for us and stored it out of the way until we returned.

I bent the leg back out and continue to use it everywhere now without babying it. I don’t even take the top off anymore, just leaving it attached to the frame and (carefully!!) tucking it all in as you collapse the frame closed.

I can just barely open this on my own, but if it’s in the sand, you can almost forget it, as the legs dig in on the opposite corners of you and you end up either bending it, or inching it open one corner at a time. With two people though, it takes literally a few seconds (on sand)… on a hard surface, where the feet can slide, you can open it just as easily yourself.

Are there better models out there? Much better ones for sure. This one is cheap. Has it been worth the money I paid for it so far? You bet! Will I replace it with the same brand when it breaks? Nope, I will buy a more expensive sturdier model next time.

I continue to use mine, bent leg and all, with no problems. It keeps the rain out just fine too.

Note on putting the top on:
Stretch the frame out and lock it down… DO NOT extend the legs yet… go ahead and put the whole canopy on, get all the tabs stuck down and in place… THEN extend the legs.

Second note: After our last beach trip, we realized it (and even other brands/models) worked just as nicely when the legs were not extended out. You can easily duck under the canopy and sit comfortably with it at that height and still see everything. Being lower to the ground = less wind resistance and more shade, as the sun has less tall open sides to peek through. We combined ours with our friends canopy that was quite a big larger and made a little tent city on the beach.

As most everyone pointed out, these are great for the sun to give you a little extra shade. HOWEVER, UNLESS you are PRESENT with it when it rains make SURE to take it DOWN, or at the very least remove the canopy. These things do not have any problems repelling the rain, but they DO HAVE a problem with the rain pooling in the canopy. Even though they have a sloped roof. Regardless of how you set it up, if it rains it WILL begin to pool, and if you are not there to physically empty the water pooling areas every couple of minutes, your shelter/canopy WILL collapse under the weight of the water, and bend/break your frame. And NO, do NOT believe the person who made the comment about using a water repellent on your canopy. No matter how much spraying of a water repellent that you want to on your canopy’s roof, if you leave it up in the rain it WILL still collapse on you.

Now, with all of that being said, once again, these are really great in the sun for some added shade.

Anyone have the carrying case for the 10x10?? I’d buy that bad boy…

Hi all, we actually have the both the 10x10 and the 12x12 and love them. we’ve had the 10x10 for a few years and bought it at home depot…but it’s tough to lug around after the zipper, then the bag fell apart. The customer support for Quik Shade blows chunks. Unless the rep is on the board here, then what I mean is that they’re awesome, and I’d love some help.

I bought the 12x12’s we have through woot over the summer, and with the straight legs we were able to have them next to one another for a party - it was fantastic. It turned out to rain that day, and having 12x24 under cover was a huge hit. This is a cheap, easy way to provide sun and rain cover.

Wind sucks, and the zippers are fragile.

Academy Sports runs the 10x10 EZ-UPS on sale about twice a month for $50. I love mine and I can set it up in just a couple of min. by myself.

I agree it is absolutely ridiculous to quote the size of the canopy (defined as something that will provide shade) as 10ft x 10ft if it’s only actually an 8ft x 8ft coverage.

Woot! does make that quite clear once you click through to the descriptions, so the real fault here lies with the manufacturer. It’s a bit like advertising a car as being a four seater but then finding out it really only has three seats, or buying an all-you-can-eat buffet and being told you can only visit the table once with 35% smaller plate than you originally thought.