Quility Premium Weighted Blanket w/ Cover

Quility Premium Weighted Blanket w/ Cover

The weighted blanket designed for champions? Is there one designed for losers? That’s the one I need.




That’s the one we got from the Woot Off a couple days ago, and I think it’s perfect!! :laughing:

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I wonder if the colors in the product pics are part of why this has needed to be on clearance? They look quite untrustworthy!

The grey of the grey/chevron is inexplicably a completely different gray than all of the others, and the grey/ivory has zero grey at all (and an ivory that looks more like some kind of sunny butter color…?).

Just mentioning it in case there’s an easy fix for any of that - I crossed my fingers and bought grey/grey, and I don’t think I’d have chanced anything else aside from maybe grey/blue, since that’s hopefully semi-clash-proof.

Hi there. All come with a gray blanket and a cover based on the color you choose.

Where is this weighted blanket manufactured?

The description says: “Imported: China”