Quincy 8-Piece Set-3 Colors-2 Sizes

**Item: **Quincy 8-Piece Set-3 Colors-2 Sizes
Price: $74.99
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Condition: New

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Been looking for some new sheet sets. Some unimpressed users on Overstock

I really liked the way those black and grey looked… not even a chance of buying it after those reviews.

Polyester “microfiber” = ewww. Slick like satin, but less… satin-ey. If it’s the same feeling as the licensed character “microfiber” sheets they sell for kids’ bedding.

Well at least they aren’t flammable like low quality cotton … These just get all melty like a grilled cheese if my electric blanket malfunctions

It seems Woot offered different colors before. Several people complain of them being scratchy.


So unimpressed that the overall rating from 7 users was 2.3/5. Four rated 1 star. The most useful review there was a 3 star which sounds like he had to struggle to rate it that well:

“The quality of this item isn’t great. The seams are double stitched and not stitched straight which is very noticeable where it is quilted. The material is thin. Throw pillows are very small. I guess you get what you pay for.”

Very unlike the usual shills on that site.

I have the blue one which I got at Amazon for 130 bucks. Mine is great and my dog is not friendly to my bedding. Debating to buy a next one at this price.