Quincy Platform Bed (2 Colors/Sizes)

Anyone know if the slats are close enough to allow for a foam mattress?

Google the bed name and you’ll find plenty of reviews and pictures (mostly positive):



You could always make your own slats to add in between if they’re spaced too far apart.

The slates are about 3 inches apart on the queen size, I use a foam mattress I bought here and it feels great

I bought this bed about 6 months ago on amazon and it’s overall a very good bed, sturdy headboard, resilient fabric on the frame. It inherited some squeaking between the bolts and frame after about 2 months, so when you set it up, maybe place some fabric between the hardware to prevent future annoyances

This gives a second color option of dark beige without a picture.

The second picture is “Dark Beige”.

The specs are not provided for the King size. Anyone know this info?

Good catch. I’ve asked for them but seeing as the sale ends in a few hours, I didn’t want to keep you waiting.

Found them on this site.