A great variety of bamboo for various areas of the home - which of these are you looking to add to your collection?


Yikes! The bowls and the tray set are both a few bucks cheaper now than they were during the wootoff like a week ago, darn.


Huh … looking at the specs on the fabric products:

100% Rayon from Bamboo (sheets)
25% Rayon from Bamboo / 75% Cotton (towels)

But wait, it says “Rayon from bamboo!” What does that mean??

Google to the rescue!

and look what I found:

Although the process of farming bamboo and the fact that it grows so quickly are typically sustainable, it must undergo treatment using harsh and often toxic chemicals in order to be made into a wearable fiber. The resulting product is one that you’ve probably heard of before – Rayon, a fiber that can be made from the cellulose of any plant or tree.

And that was from a favorable article.

So, if you think it’s worth the money for good old synthetic rayon made from bamboo-sourced cellulose, go for it. But the sustainable-green vibe here seems decidedly weaker than what you’d be getting from, say, hemp fabric.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how much processing is needed to turn that wonderful funky bamboo into that nasty synthetic rayon stuff, Wikipedia is helpful.

Let’s just say I don’t think you’ll have to worry about any roving panda bears eating your sheets and towels.

Oh, and later on in my first link, it also tells us this:

“The FTC points out that the chemical processing used to make Rayon eliminates any of bamboo’s antimicrobial properties.”

(That’s the Federal Trade Commission, which regulates commercial claims about products).


Excellent! I always worry about panda pajama parties messing up everything around here. :wink:



that cutting board looks like it will end up at my house …


Does anybody own this cutting board? Do you like it? Tell me more…


Bought the trays the other day. They’re plywood with what looks to be the equivalent of woven bamboo placemats veneered onto it. Not bad for the price, but a bit “rustic” in reality. For the price, I might still buy them, but it’s good to know what you’re actually getting.


damn it, i missed out on the cutting board :frowning:


“Rustic” is a perfect description. I bought several sets of these earlier in the year to use as welcome gifts. They are BIG!
They’re a bit rough around the edges and probably would be helped with a protective lacquer of some kind.
Definitely worth today’s price. Just might have to jump on this for my own set.

The pepper mill is a steal, too.


I do not see any towels or sheets… did Woot! remove after you posted your exposé?? lol


I think they removed them since they were also selling them on home.woot for $15 more (for the sheets). I bought them over there a day before they showed up on here.