Which keyboard’s the best for a gamer? Ready… set… discuss!


I’m looking at the Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard. Has anyone used one of these and have any first hand experience? I worry that the little cut out in the wrist shelf would be an inconvenience.


The microsoft arc because I can sit on my ass in my gamerchair playing my 360 while still using my laptop!


I have one of these myself. It’s not a bad keyboard at all. The feel for typing takes a bit of getting used to but considering I paid 40 for it, this is a great deal.

I am eyeing the mechanical keyboard myself but otherwise the arctosa is a fine keyboard.


Anybody know if the MS Arc will work on a 360? Might be a good keyboard for odd jobs around the house and for typing in points codes into the 360.


I’ve had significant issues with Razer products. I had two Razer mice break on me (I only had two because I shipped my mouse to them under warranty, and about 6 months later I got a replacement. Yes, 6 months), and I had a Razer Lycosa Mirror keyboard that had keys breaking off within 2 months of purchase. I didn’t bother to get a replacement on the keyboard, because I was simply too fed up with them by that point.

I’m a heavy computer user (programmer/gamer), so I tend to wear things out quickly, but Razer products were simply not worth the price for me. At $25, though, the Arctosa might be ok.


I can’t say for sure, but other models of the MS Arc say they are for both PC and Xbox 360. I can’t see why this model wouldn’t work on the 360 itself.

Edit: Yes, it will work on the xbox 360, according to this page

Enjoy :slight_smile:


The Blackwidow Ultimate doesn’t look like much of a deal. It’s $102 on Amazon new. Add in the fact you get free shipping on Amazon (at least as fast as Woot’s). So, save $7 by buying refurb. R0x0rz!

Would love to see some other mechanical keyboards on here, though. I bought a Rosewill Cherry MX Red and love it for gaming, but I’d like to pick up a keyboard with Blue switches for the office.


It gets worse… Newegg has the exact same keyboard on sale right now for $75. New. With a promo code for $10 off expiring today.

EDIT: Wait, no, that’s not the “ultimate”. Whatever the difference is.


Yes, but the one on Newegg isn’t backlit, whereas the ultimate is.


Honestly, I think these are overpriced as typically Razor products can be especially for refurbed. I own the Shift but not the MOH version and I bought it for about half the advertised price here on sale @ Newegg. Its a good keyboard. You can buy the interchangeable keysets separate. Only a slight discount here as far as I can tell.


Stay away from the Arctosa like the black plague. The BlackWidow is great, though.


I am really into keyboards and mice and I am just sharing from my own experience or reiterating experiences from friends.

The arctosa being affordable is generally purchased strictly for the Razer branding. After purchasing the product for the price paid the experience is generally negative. If a person can not easily see the benefits when using the device from that of a keyboard half the cost then obviously it was poorly designed.

The BlackWidow is a great keyboard but the price is just not there. You can obtain this keyboard NEW for generally 100-120 after shipping. So a savings of 20 dollars is just not enough to justify buying refurb over new.

Steelseries keyboards are generally nice. The two being offered are the less popular models and can be found on several sites with reduced prices. The primary reason the MOH model never sells is due to the lack of backlit keys with a 100 dollar price tag NEW.

Sorry for the long post but figure I would share my two cents.


Sweet, thanks. :smiley:


I hope “wingraynor” is happy with his purchase of four snap-on Medal of Honor keysets. And I hope Woot is happy with “wingraynor”, because he seems to be the only one who needs any. Although it seems like the two guys (one in NY, one in CA) who bought the SteelSeries keyboard it works with might be in the market.

Perhaps Woot should do more “suggestive sell”. Like, “Ok, that’ll be one Roomba with extra Virtual Walls. You want an overpriced gaming keyboard with proprietary snap-on keyset with that?”


Well it is sellout, so we’re probably a bit more offbeat over here. :slight_smile: But feel free to send that in via our beta feedback button up top!


I had similar issues with the Lycosa(refurbished). “B” key quit working two days before the warranty expired. The replacement’s “enter” key broke about 4 months later. I’m an “angry” typist so I’m not surprised the replacement broke.

I own two black widows now and wont buy anything else. I use a Stealth edition for work programming (8 months old) and a standard at home (bought in late 2010 and used at work until I goth the Stealth). They make the 10 hour days of typing feel like nothing.

The Lycosa/Arctosa styled keyboards are generally worth the refurbished price if you aren’t heavy typing or angry gaming.


I have a Lycosa for well over a year and it is still going strong. I found it is a decent keyboard and really like the backlit keys.

I got the Microsoft keyboard for my Mom to use on her Acer tablet. It works great.

The black Widow ultimate is different from the other Black Widows as it is a hardware keyboard. Basically it clicks when you type, or to put another way, it is the Gaming equivalent of the Old IBM keyboards.


although not in this offering, we have 2 razor lycosa keyboards purchased months apart different states and they are both wonky. randomly keys will stop working or one time the backlight. Serious gamers get very upset when this happens in game otherwise you just look extra special when posting to woot and I don’t need to pay razor for that honor. I do fine on my own. To buy another Razor product it would have to be pretty darn cheap.