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“UNBREAKABLE”? Challenge accepted! Are the Hercules helis covered by a warranty if they do break?

I imagine “unbreakable” is the brand name, not a product descriptor. Like “Giant Cookies” from the Giant supermarket that are only 3" across.

Considering the features tab on the Glow-in-the-Dark Hercules heli states, “This RC helicopter has a super strong polymer frame which lets it hold up to 200 pounds of force,” I’m pretty sure the “UNBREAKABLE” is part of the descriptor, not the brand name.

“Unbreakable” up to 200lbs is very breakable.

I didn’t choose the adjective! The real question is if they’ll honor the descriptor. If I can break the unbreakable, do I win a prize? Does submerging it in water count, or is that cheating?

@ThunderThighs or any other mod that sees this: A whole bunch of the products have “undefined undefined” under the price when you open it up instead of “In Stock. Ships in x business days.” Mayhaps this needs to be fixed?

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll pass it on.

That MegaHauler combo pack is $39 on Amazon with free shipping.


$29.99 direct from World Tech.

It’s not the body strength at this level. It’s the flimsy ass blades.

There are two cogs per propellor. The cogs are glued to thin, smooth rods. One cog from the fuel cell spins the cog on the lower part of the shaft that stems from the propellor which is how the propellors lift the copter. Unfortunately, on the two I bought, the cogs come loose and you have to re glue them. I would say these are fixable but not unbreakable. If the shaft
holding the cog were square or ribbed it would solve this issue.

Can you fly these outside?


truck heli combo is 39.95 here

Yes, assuming zero wind. The tiniest breeze will make them drift off course quite a bit. So, if you’re outside, stay away from trees.

Not recommended. Something this small are indoor helis. Even a light breeze will blow them away.

In case you need to know what the heck does “3.5 channels” actually mean:

These 3.5 channel IR helicopters need to get off the market. Maybe they were great 10 years ago when we first started seeing them in mall kiosks, but there are much better options on the market now.

My personal favorite is the WLToys V911. Its a 4 channel RC copter. Very maneuveralble, fast, durable and can be flown outdoors in light winds. And its only a couple bucks more than these indoor 3.5 channel copters.

+1, have the V911 and it’s great, but imho a 4ch has a relatively steep learning curve. I’d say a 3.5 is good for a beginner and has its place in the market.