R/C Madness!

Howdy y’all - where am I choosing the “camera” or “non-camera” quadcopter version?

Your not…this is the NON camera model…except they don’t tell you that…I am returning it as soon as I get it or canceling the order

Can the World Tech Toys Metal Sparrow 3.5CH RC Helicopter - 35975 handle the outside well? I notice it is 27" long and 12" tall. Seems like a beast.

I don’t know about you, but it is never calm out side…always at least 1-3 mph gusts here and there. Can this animal handle relatively calm outside conditions? If so, I would love to drink beer and fly this thing around.

I read somewhere that the Kobe Bryant model had some control issues. Seems it would keep crashing into any attractive woman who was not his wife.

“Choose from the Camera or No-Camera models”

Please specify if the camera option is available or remove this from the description.

Good catch. We are selling the no-camera model.