R/C: Radical Copters-and-such

The copters are cool and fun, but I wouldn’t consider any but the Quadcopter.

The others, while fun and challenging to fly, have parts that are more easily broken or lost (i.e. the linkages to the rotary wings). I’ve lost many parts because they snap off easily and because of their small size, nearly impossible to find unless you’re on a smooth floor. If you’re on a carpet or outdoors, just forget about finding the parts.

The quad is fun indoors, as well as outdoors - as long as it’s relatively calm. A gust of wind can blow any of the copters way off course, and could be easily lost or damaged. Nonetheless, they are quite fun. Especially if you have two or three people running through an obstacle course.

The biggest downside to all of these is the battery. You’ll definitely want to buy a bunch of extra batteries as they last less than 10 minutes each (closer to 6 or 7 with lots of maneuvers).

They are all certainly fun, but I’m going to stick with quads for now. Especially with the protective ring around the props! That helps tremendously!

Woot, the quadcopter is overpriced at $60. These can be had under $50 with HD camera (JJRC H6C).