R/C: Remote Control

I wonder if you can upgrade the battery ?

I’m trying to find a flight time for World Tech Toys Lancer 2.4GHz 4.5CH Camera RC Spy Drone - 34960. I see the cheaper ones go 10-12 minutes, which is silly.

This herculean heli is junk. I got one from the last time and guess what? Yeap it broke. Thing is that main body of the heli is built like a tank but that’s just it. It canopy is still thin sheet of cheap plastic and plastic part holding the back motor is also the same cheap stuff. I flew it high and lost control, heli dropped on the ground and back motor just broke off completely from the tail. I tried repairing it but it didn’t work out as the plastic holder for motor was broken in many small pieces and I gave up . So, stay away.

Ordered two of them and only one arrived… Nice helo though.

I had the same thing happen, ordered two but got one. I can’t seem to get the people answering customer support emails to understand that though.

I agree - I was able to use it for about 30 seconds before it stopped working correctly. Waste of money.