R/C Super Flying Saucer

R/C Super Flying Saucer

$9.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

Had one of these. It did not fly…

can you fly 2 of them at the same time without interference?

had one, worked very well only thing is that it is not very sturdy so i wouldnt recommend stepping on it
poor flying saucer

Had one of these that I paid $35 at the Discovery Channel Store, about two years ago.

Gave it to my ex-girlfriend’s kid to use and I never saw it again.

It was super cool. Easy to fly. And it amused my cat big time. She almost killed it when I dove in for the attack. Thought it was a bird I guess.

In for two.

Does it just go up and down?

Watch out, it says the battery pack is nickel cadmium.

No! I had 2 for the grandkids. They flew fine, but wouldn’t work properly if flown too close to each other. AC Moore has these a few times a year for $9.00.


I had one of these years ago. The only bad thing about it is the the thing is made out of foam so a really hard landing, or say stepping on it by accident kills the foam, and makes it not able to fly.
Also, the sensor for the remote is on the top of the saucer in that little area with the lights, so when you reach a certain height, it loses signal unless you are indoors, and bounce the signal off of a ceiling.
It worked great in a place with 10-15 ft. ceilings, but not so well outdoors after it got up to a certain height because of this.

For 15 bucks, I may pick one up. idk… I’m debating it.

They normally go for about 30 bucks & up in stores for the ones I’ve seen.

these things are great for annoying your dogs.Works best on Shelties. Half the price you get these for at Target.

My sons had two of these several Christmas’s ago. As oregonduck already mentioned they don’t take a foot (even a 7 year old’s foot) with much left to speak of after. As they flew them around the living room in glee one bumped a wall and fell to the ground right in front of his next footstep. A sudden crack of styrofoam, a hush over the room, then the sounds of sobbing.

Forget about trying to glue or tape it back together, the balance gets all out of whack and it never flies again.

Yeah, it only goes up, down or hovers/floats. But it has lights, as I recall, and looks cool.

Far easier to operate and get flying than the mini copters.

Oh yeah, that was the other thing that sucked. They took forever to charge and then only flew for like 2 mins at a time.

It seems like these things just invite stepping upon.

got one for my little cousins. they had a blast with it. worked extremely well for its functions. durability with a 3 and 7 year old was 2-3 weeks. great for their age group, plus 2-3 weeks and they would have gotten tired of it anyway

im in for 2, these are going to be an awesome surprise when they come in the mail and im all stressed over work etc.

Yeah the mini-copter lasted a few hoursfor me… one small bump into the wall and it spun around in circles on the floor.

These will be awesome in the dorms at Uni :smiley: