R/C Super Flying Saucer

Woo hoo, it goes up and down. I’m waiting for another 'copter woot, something that at least offers some control.

Had one of these along time ago and loved them… They are great… In for 3…

I have had flying stuff of one form or another for years. Take my word for it, these are fun at $35 and at $15 even more worth it.

Here’s a YouTube video I found. May not be exactly like this Woot, but it’s similar.


Are these indoors only like the mini helicopters?

awesome, no extra dollars to spend though. :frowning: if i could only win the shirt derby!!

Fun for a few tries until it brakes. made and designed poorly. i however paid much more. It works but cheap.

sweet. I want to believe.

What is the diameter of the disc??

Going from memory, I would say about 10 inches.

Geez, honestly. Don’t complain that this doesn’t survive being stepped on/ crashed.

How the hell should it?

Just please take care of it, that’s all. If it spontaneously went bad, that’d be understandable.

Personally I’ll stick to coptors, no thanks woot.
Edit: Or a micro airplane :slight_smile: I always wanted to get one, but was unsure of the $60 price at the time. Maybe that’s be closer to <30

My daughter had a similar one a few years ago. It worked great until the dog chewed it. Then it sort of worked but didn’t fly well. In for 2, will make good gifts.

I don’t care what anyone says. This is cool. In for 1.

it doesnt seem like these are good for actual flying.
in the video the thing only went up and down. it should be able to fly AROUND the room.
if it cant do that, then it will get old and boring, VERY FAST

“White house grants tax cut to the upper 1% to prevent panic”
epiz lulz

What does that have to do with the toy advertised here??

Check out the last paragraph or so of the write-up. Before the specs.

Now if they combined this with a Roomba and called it Foo-ba, I might be in for one…

If you wanted something to control, run for office…

Got it! I don’t usually read the write-ups.

i’ll take 3 never to early for stocking stuffers