R/C Super Flying Saucer



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R/C Super Flying Saucer
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 R/C Super Flying Saucer

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makes a good xmas present


your cat(s) will love this!


sweet, it comes with a battery! :open_mouth:


Tempting! Would be great for a college campus!


oh hell yes, flying saucer and helicopter wars to commence at the house soon!!!


This thing breaks easily.

So buy 3!


The last time I ordered this toy, it flew once and then died. It was not fun watching my 5 year old cousin cry.


I had this thing once…took three different ones before I got one that would work when I got home…then it broke on day 3.


Got one last time. It can’t get off the ground. Sux!


Hah! Can’t resist. Bought one.


Terrible. I grabbed one of these from sellout.woot awhile ago to torment my cats. It’s barely flys and is LOUD! But the Engrish on the warning labels was funny as hell.


I got 3 of these last time it was on woot and 2 of them were broke when they arrived (couldnt get a signal farther than 2 feet). Total crap.


These are several years old. The newer ones are much better.


had one before two years ago…great, cheap toy…pretty durable too, worth $10





ohhh this one looks cool!!! if i had 15 bucks to throw away, I’d SOO get it


I bought one before… I didnt fly. They sent me a new one. It worked for an hour… then it wouldnt fly. I did not break it… I am an ACE!!


These are fun, but don’t step on it! We love ours!