R/C Super Flying Saucer


yeah babay!


that went fast


Went through two of these; very bad item. Woot did send me a new one for free at least.


up down up down up down




this better be leading to a good climax!!!


damn tried to get 3 and it said sold out. now you need to bring back the mini rc chopper.




complete crap i bought 3 of these last time 2 never worked and 1 worked once and is now ruined…


I bought 2 last woot off. One never worked and the other broke within a day.


1 - c
2 - c
3 - c
4 -c

C is the most correct answer isn’t it?


Dod gamm futhermuckin bun of a sitch,

fix the servers pleeeeze


there were 7


What the hell man, I missed the helicopter and they only had one of these?!@


Damnit, flying things sell out way too fast!!


can i chase my cat with it?


It is a trick they are getting us trigger happy :slight_smile:




My son bought one of these at a yard sale last week - brand new, in box -$2. Why would I spend $15 here?


7 sold