R/C Toys: Drones Of Fun

What frequency these operates on? is there a switch to change frequency?

Does the Mario have an option to change channels so you can race 2 Marios against each other?

Which one?

I’ve just been told that it is 2.4GHz which means the controller is paired to the car. So yes, you can run multiple at once.

Here’s more info on it.

Wow - These have ATROCIOUS reviews on Amazon. Looked up the Mario Kart, the WCC drift car, and the monster truck, and apparently they’re all made of egg shells and Elmer’s glue. Are all RC cars this bad, or is this just a collection of the worst offenders?

Got a little heli last time and hovering high above the cats really amazed them.

I have been playing with the Nano Hercules for about a week. It even has a turbo button that does add a little speed. This heli can really move! I have had 4 or 5 other small helis in the past and I have to say, I like this one the best. Very good gyro and great accuracy. I can pretty much land on small targets without too much difficulty.

Would have been interested until I saw the word drone.

Even when used in a pun - it just further perpetrates the negativity associated with the RC hobby.

RC != Drone

RC w/ camera != Drone

Anything with a person behind the controls != Drone

Mario kart got five stars. Be sure your looking at the right product…

Guess I was looking at the bigger 1:8 scale version. Weird that there’s such a difference… Now I may have to reconsider, though I’m a little worried about what the difference is…