R.Croft Chardonnay Grand Cru Glasses (8)

R.Croft Chardonnay Grand Cru Glass 8-Pack
$47.99 $80.00 40% off List Price

How are these shipped and what is the return policy if, by chance, one should arrive broken or damaged in some way?

Just for Chardonnay? What would the HoseMaster say? :slight_smile:

Hello from Ravenscroft! Great question. We have a really awesome team of professional shippers that will make sure your glasses are packaged securely, with about a million of those annoying peanuts that end up all over the place. But, if you do find any breakage, just contact us at email@shopravenscroft.com with your order information and we will be happy to help you out.

I’m figuring y’all have been doing this long enough that you have it down pretty darn well.

Thanks for jumping in today!

Haha :slight_smile: