R&J's Handcrafted Almond Toffee (3)

R & J Handcrafted Almond Toffee 3-Pack Bundle
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$39.99 $60.00 33% off List Price
R & J Handcrafted Almond Toffee, 4 oz.
R & J Handcrafted Almond Toffee, 8 oz.
R & J Handcrafted Almond Toffee, 16 oz.

Unit Price = $22.86/lb

That makes sense…It’s about the same as Enstrom’s.

Best toffee I’ve tried.

The Gourmet site is so OVER PRICED!! I miss WOOT

You can buy all of this on rj toffee site for literally 47.00 in total. Where the hell do you get 60.00? That’s fraudulent.

Gourmet.woot ships for “free”, so they include average shipping cost (apparently $13 in this case) when comparing their price vs. direct from retailer. IMO it made more sense when it was wine.woot but they have continued this sales model while the other woot sites all charge $5 for shipping.