R. Merlo Estate Chardonnay (5)

R. Merlo Estate Vineyards 2009 Chardonnay 5-Pack
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2009 Estate Chardonnay, Trinity County

Specs are all messed up. 2009 vintage, but bottled in 2006. Description in specs start out talking about the 2009, but switches over to 2005.

Standard question with chardonnay; What is the % MLF?

All the specs/info for today’s offer have been changed.

Thanks for the spot trifecta!

I received a bottle of this along with the R. Merlo PN from yesterday.

PnP: Light golden color in the glass. Nose of caramel apples, pears, citrus peel and butterscotch.

If there was such a thing as apple cream pie, that might best describe the palate. A little butter, some tropical fruits and poached pears in the background. Just a touch of oak on the medium finish.

I’m generally not a big Chard fan and the ones I do like tend to be non-oaked but this, like the PN I tasted yesterday, is a very well integrated wine. The word “synergy” comes to mind, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Once again I would be willing to split this with North316 or anyone from NE OH that’s interested. I could go for 2 or 3 bottles, either would be good.

EDIT: As the wine warms in the glass I am getting some noticeable lemon in the mid-palate.

I received a bottle of this, which SWMBO and I drank on Friday night. With it, we had crab claws, fettuncine alfredo and steamed broccoli. If possible, I try to pair the food and the wine.

Let me start by saying, we do not drink very much chardonnay. In general, the flavor profiles tend to be buttery, with oak, or tart with citrus and apple. Chardonnay might smell like apples, lemons, peaches or tropical fruits. Its delicacy is such that even a small percentage of another varietal blended into a Chardonnay will often completely dominate its aroma and flavor. Oak commonly takes over Chardonnay if the wine is fermented or aged in new barrels or for too long in seasoned ones.

The wine was chilled in the frig for about 45 minutes prior to opening. Upon PnP, the color, against a sheet of white paper, revealed a light yellow. The aroma was a faint citrus. Maybe the wine was too cold at this point to reveal much more. The flavor was a slightly tart apple and a smooth lemon. There was also the faintest taste of butter and oak. We tend to not be big fans of heavily oaked and buttery chard’s. This one we really liked. By the end of the meal, the flavor profiles were pretty much the same, i.e. a little apple and a finish of creamy lemon. I thought it might even remind me of lemon maringue pie, but in a good way.

The food pairing was spot on. The lemon and butter for the crab and the creamy alfredo sauce hit all of the right notes with what was going on with the wine.

We compared notes at the end of the meal and concurred that this was a wine we really liked and would buy. I would also say that if you are NOT a big fan of chard’s, you would probably really like this one. There were many similarities between this wine and vouvray. After seeing that this is offered at 5 for $60, this is a very good QPR. +1 for us.

Hello Wooters! Sorry for late appearance. Just celebrated birth of new baby girl! Our first. On to business…the 09 Chardonnay is 100% MLF. I will continue down conversation and answer all questions about the Chardonnay to best of my ability.

Ray Merlo


Got a mop? This order fell out of my shopping cart. What a mess. Not a “ship to” state today… First time that has happened… Can I “fast-forward” to the next offer? Pretty please?

Don’t google MLF, unless you’re looking for MILFs. It stands for Maloactic fermentation, which leads to the buttery characteristic typically associated with Chardonnays.


I went in on a set of the wife earlier today. She likes the MLF - but seems this is not too much of a butter bomb.

Not a buttery, or oaky, bomb at all. But, it has a pleasing taste that all chardonnay and non-chardonnay drinkers will like.

did these ship? Fed-ex has an expected delivery date of today, but it still is sitting in “initiated” on the tracking site

The tracking number has been created but they haven’t left the building yet.

We’re still within the 2-3 week time frame that is typical for Wine. :slight_smile: