R. Merlo Estate Vineyards Syrah

R. Merlo Estate Vineyards Syrah
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PRODUCT: 4 2007 R. Merlo Estate Vineyards Syrah, Hyampom Ranch Trinity County
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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Hello Ray and Wine.Woot Community,

This is my first time wooting so bare with me as well. I just had a couple of questions about the wine:

  1. Is the Syrah a light, medium or full-bodied?
  2. As far as the tannins, is it upfront and grippy or subtle and soft?
  3. What is the drinking window for the syrah?

I’m a bit curious about the description, “this big and richly dark wine has a refined balance and an elegant nature.” I drank a bottle of 2009 Chateau Pesquie Quintessence and the description above is what I thought about when I was drinking it (different flavor profile, but same retail price point!)

I’m looking forward to see everyone’s response.

I guess everyone is sleeping?

I can’t help thinking that this family should be making some other type of wine…

Can the winery shed some light on the growing season on the South Fork of the Trinity? Diurnal shifts? How was 2007 in particular? I have spent a few weeks backpacking in the trinity alps and am intrigued by this offer.

Given the lack of info on CT, excepting favorable comments for the 2004 vintage, here we have another perfect example of why we need the RATS back…

Only 101 woots on the Oh, and just 62 for the Ethan. Both looked interesting, but were unknown. Compare to that blockbuster 2200 -cases- of Pedroncelli; something we know.

Any progress making this work again?

I agree. Wouldn’t it be nice if wine.woot obtained rattage prior to every offering ? The Pedroncelli was the best deal ever on wine.woot in my opinion.

Is this is an undiscovered gem? Should one gamble? Am I a speculator or risk taker this rainy Sunday morning. Oh… so many thoughts… time to go have a cup of coffee and mull over the decision.

So no thoughts on this.

Here’s some wine-searcher links for price comparisons: Where to buy 2007 R. Merlo Family Estate Vineyards Syrah, Trinity County | prices & local stores in CA, USA

this seems to be a good deal. However, without any comments on this, I don’t think I can blind buy it… but at $55 for 4 bottles, I don’t see how I could go too wrong…

I was looking at their website, Award Winning California Wines Folsom | Merlo Vineyards, and noticed that the library wines were cheaper than the current releases. That seems a little odd to me. Am I missing something?

From the winery website:

Score 91 : 2011 California State Fair
Silver Medal : 2011 Los Angeles Internetional Wine and Spirits Competition
Silver Medal : 2011 Grand Harvest Wine Competition
Bronze Medal : 2010 World Wine Championships

Looks like it is a well regarded wine. All wines that I have had with this many tasting awards have been very good. So, even though we don’t have rat notes, we know a lot of judges have like it.

My first WINE WOOT purchase was the Pedroncelli. There was so much great, shared information on here, making that decision seem effortless. Since then, I can not rely predominately on just the posted comments. Although, I greatly appreciate the efforts of those trying to contibute and educate all that are interested, especially this somewhat of a newbie. With that said, I have taken up “wine researcher” (I use the term loosely), as another non monetary job. Don’t get me wrong, researching is a strong point of mine. I was, and still am hopeful, to aquire valuable information from seasoned posters, as well as from the wineries and winemakers with their offerings. Maybe it was the “woot-off”…too long…sleep deprivation… Appreciate all the efforts and hard work from Wine Woot, and the comments from all…Lifting a glass to what determines my next purchase, and of course…Cheers

Hello Woot Family! Sorry it has taken some time to respond. Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers!
As for our 2007 Syrah, this wine is full bodied and fruit forwad. The tannins are subtle and soft with wonderful balance. This wine is a true crowd pleaser. This wine will lay down for another 5-7 years.

The reason the library wines are cheaper is because we are relatively a new winery and I want to make it a low risk buy for new customers to try our wines. Please take advantage of this. You won’t be disappointed.


Trust me when I tell you this is a GREAT value. You will not be disappointed with this wine if you like a full bodied, well balanced, fruit forward classic European style wine. Big black currant and blackberry with a subtle chocolate finish.


The growing season is exactly the reason we chose this area to grow our fruit. The vineyard is in a true microclimate. at an elevation of 1250 feet it is surrounded by 6000 ft cliffs. The days reach temps of 95-97 with night temps dropping to 45-48 degrees. This fluctuation in temp brings a naturally low yield of big and bold fruit.


This IS an undiscovered gem and trust me when I say the purchase is not a risk.