R. Merlo Rosé of Syrah (6)

R. Merlo Rosé of Syrah 6-Pack
$67.99 $̶1̶0̶7̶.̶0̶0̶ 36% off List Price
2011 Rosé of Syrah, Trinity County
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Yet another tempting offer that will be prevented by the siwbm. Although I see Ron is first sucker, so I may be able to grab a bottle or two from him.

Tried this at Kyles during a brown bag tasting in June. I enjoyed it and my wife enjoyed it as well but not enough to warrant a purchase of 6 bottles. I recall it being incredibly light and I had trouble making out the varietal because of this. At around 13.5 a bottle shipped it doesn’t come across as a great deal to me. I would have expected it at closer to $10 a bottle.

I will think it over but it most likely is a pass for me. It doesn’t seem to square up to other excellent roses we have had from wine woot in the recent past around this price range or even lower.

Now we’re talking. Been waiting for this since Burgers at Kyle’s.
This was bag bottle #2 of the evening, tasted blind, but it was salmon pink. I never thought I liked Rosé, but I was so wrong; I didn’t like “California” bulk Rosé, which this isn’t. Dry and tasty, solo or with lighter foods, as it has unexpected complexity for a Rosé that a red drinker I think would find appealing. Of the three bagged bottles, for me this was the winner.

Now, how ever did I end up with two? Woot servers or something has some mighty lag times. I’ll drink them, and share as well.

Ohhhhh…right! This was the one at Kyle’s…yes, I agree this was an atypical rose. Wasn’t outstanding but not a dud either. Really wish I’d taken notes that afternoon to help you all out. Next time, I promise!

2011 link, not the 2010 above.
2011 Rosé of Syrah, Trinity County

Thanks RJ! I edited his URL.

Is there any way to compare this to the Pink Elephant Meeker brought us some time back? I loved that rose and have not been able to find similar since.

Or any chance we will ever see it again?

We enjoyed a bottle of this awhile back and I saved some notes.

It poured a clear, pale amber and had a pleasant, “fruity” aroma. I found it to have a pleasing, mild taste with a short finish. It was medium dry. My spouse noted the mild nose and detected a bit of watermelon and licorice when tasted…

We chilled the bottle and then left it out to warm up just a tad before drinking. I used to detest Rose wine back in the day when they were being churned out without much care but I have noted some good offerings here on Woot.

This is a delightful summer sipper and goes great with tapas by the pool on a hot summer day. I enjoy dry wines and this one did not disappoint.

I tried it as well and did not enjoy as much as rquillin. I thought it was lacking in acidity. Not a bad wine and definitely drinkable but there are better roses (at least for my taste buds) for the same or lower price.

I had plenty of Pink Elephants and enjoyed them. I also had the opportunity to taste this offer back in June. I didn’t take formal notes but can tell you they are completely different animals. PE is crisp, kool aid -like that drinks well at close to room temperature and a blend from various grapes including zin, cabernet, PS, merlot, etc …R Merlo (in my limited tasting) was more full-bodied, not as crisp, and a bit heavy in my opinion. Also not a blend but syrah-based and costs twice as PE.

I haven’t tried this wine but I really enjoyed sampling the R Merlo Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that were offered last month. Both wines were very good. I’ve also heard wonderful things about the R Merlo Syrah that was sold on woot last year. Ray is clearly putting out consistently good juice and I want some in my cellar, but…

I have a hard time convincing myself to buy 6 of any single wine anymore. Throw together a R Merlo mix-6 and I’ll be a happy camper! Maybe in a future + deal?

Frankly - I had been disappointed by most Rose’ type wines I have encountered including praised ones I got on Woot.
Maybe I am just not a Rose person… I seem fail to get the variety of flavors/notes I find with reds or pure whites :frowning: - and it is just always ‘rose’.

Likely Sparky is the only one with written comments from burger night, as he was a late arrival and the rest of us had a substantial head start.

This, and the other two brown-bag bottles, had some very stiff competition (no Weiner wasn’t there) from other bottles wooters in attendance provided. To me this wasn’t a lite rose, and while I wouldn’t have pegged it as syrah based, it was a bit atypical, and I think that’s why I did like it. Any thought of sweetness was in nose only, as I recall this finished fully dry.

For those that have tasted the McClean rose, this is certainly lighter. To address the Meeker PE, totally different, as that one was bright not only in acidity, but is also spritzy. Not being a fan of effervescence, other than in bubbly, my PE is consumed by others.

And in keeping with my back label pics…

IIRC this had nice strawberry and a little watermelon and I don’t remember it lacking in acidity and I thought this was the best of the 3 bottles we tried. I would buy this but I am completely stocked with Rose for the summer.

As usual, I’m with tyger here. The acid wasn’t ripping, but it was present. I quite liked this wine. I’m not sure I love the price-point but it doesn’t matter since I can’t buy anything.

Maybe it had something to do with me having the Halcon Prado before tasting this. :slight_smile:

Like I mentioned earlier, some damn stiff competition that night. I made it a point to do the brown bags first. That Prado was superb.