R. Merlo Trinity County Pinot Noir (4)

R. Merlo Trinity County Pinot Noir 4-Pack
$63.99 $̶1̶1̶5̶.̶0̶0̶ 44% off List Price
2008 Pinot Noir, Trinity County

Looks like I drew the lucky number this weekend. This is bottle #2 of the tri-pack.
I’ve enjoyed other R Merlo’s, looking forward to this one, but gonna have to wait till tomorrow…

If their PN is as good as their syrah, then this will be a great buy!

Envious! I want notes!

I have really enjoyed the R. Merlo Syrahs and the numbers on this Pinot look pretty good.

Curious what style this Pinot is given the terroir.

A fellow wooter recommended R. Merlo to me quite a while ago and what do ya know, here it is! I am most likely in for one of these.

(Unless he wants to split some. In which case I’m in for two or possibly three.)

This is apparently very well made juice. I wish I had more notes to offer, but I’m just going off of what a fellow Wooter told me. I’m sure he will post up and offer more insight for others…

shakes his fist tri-packs? unconceivable!

I woke up, checked Woot and seeing the words R. Merlo and the label/color of the bottle - got all excited.
Then I saw pack size, the price and the varietal and my excitement turned to disappointment since I do not know this wine and hoped for an awesome offer on their Syrah.

The numbers look VERY good, given the terroir.

What is the age-ability on these bad boys?

This word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


Patience ya’ll, it’s 0530 out here! That’s AM, I’m taking one for the team here.

PnP @ 55F, a bit cloudy, but it just traveled here too, not going to knock it down for that.
Still too dark to get a true color, that too will have to come later, after the sun is up, but earth and mushroom lept out of the glass, followed by fruit.

This is not a simple PN as first taste confirms, all the nose is there on the palate. Totally dry, no detectable RS, and a long finish where the oak and tannins make their presence well known.

There seems to be a lot going on here, but I’m going to let things settle down until this evening.
First impressions; every bit as good as the Syrah.

My only question now is one or two, 'cause this one is coming to a locker near me.

If that third bottle comes up tonight/tomorrow, this is going to be an expensive weekend.

Woot (or fellow Wooters), I would like to go in for one of these, but what assurance do I have that it won’t get cooked en route like my last shipment? 100 degrees on a Fedex truck 'til the 6:03 p.m. delivery didn’t work out too well…

As many of us have posted in the past, have it delivered to your local FedEx office and pick it up there.

Got it - thank you very much for the tip.

The stats + your initial notes have me wanting a bottle or two for myself. I’ll wait until you add more notes though, but maybe a split of your second set?

deleted - I was too tired to capture the movie reference being shot back at me.

(I was blabbering about ‘unconceivable’ being the archaic form of ‘inconceivable’)

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

So given the reputation of R. Merlo in this household, I have the green light from SWMBO.
Sub $20 Pinot, with good numbers, a good review from a trusted palate, mushroom and earth, and from a trusted winey…

Looks like I am in. I want 6 bottles, but not 8. Any bay area folks want a couple bottles?

I could take a couple…trade for some Habanos? :slight_smile: