R2D2 is Amazing

If Woot! Tee’s are about mashing up stuff why isn’t this a Pac-Man maze?

Like a Shoney’s kid’s placemat, there does appear to be a path through the maze from left shoulder to right toe.

If I made this there’d be no way out just to evoke puzzle solver anger, hehe

Great win thatquietgir1 !!!

Thanks for the votes everyone!!

Also check out my derby entry this week, up now for voting :slight_smile:


Fun design! Congrats!!

Congrats TQG!

Random fact: In Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept art those distinctive patterns at the top are extra arms that pop out. It’s cool but a little freaky.

Shirt.woot isn’t just about mashup designs (unlike some other crowdsourced shirt sites); it’s a variety store with different styles and interpretations to any given topic. Although some themes are more common than others, nothing is a “sure thing” here.

Yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s designs are all voted for by Wooters. This week’s derby theme are cats; Woot will be selling the winners of this derby from this coming Friday through Sunday.

It is if you use your imagination. Marvel/Star Wars universe collide:

Ant-Man (played by your pen, or in this case, your finger) invades R2D2. (Much like when he hopped into Iron Man’s suit and started yanking wires.)

Way to piss off a robot.

Congratulations on 2nd place!