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Sad Rat Race.

ninjas and harry potter??? odd

crazy, sort of looks like it was inspired by those animated car insurance commercials… oh wait…

I am confuzzled! But I sorta like it…

All I can say is… lolwut?

Seriously, that’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. I think I like it though.

In for one. I love it, and I’m really not sure why.

Feel the same way but not in for it

yknow how I harp on people “not getting” designs?

I don’t get this design. At all.

i love it!! it’s mine!!!

man, i order like 30% of the time… why do i keep buying?!

Text is dumb, design is nice, I bought one because I like wasting money on things.

Why is the ninja saying RAAARR? That doesn’t seem too ninja-like to me.

someone at shirt woot has read harry potter!!! will this shirt revive???

it would be cool if the artist wrote a small article or something to describe their shirts instead of woot’s crazy descriptions that dont actually tell you anything.

Still trying to decide if i should get it or not.

ANOTHER brown shirt = no sale :frowning:

Saguaro? Definitely not. Joshua Tree, maybe.

all the loamy colors of crap. = paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss

In for one like a ninja farmer.

i wanted to like it just because of the name of the shirt.

ninjas aren’t supposed to make sounds are they?