Rachael Ray 3-Piece Knife Set

Previosly Sold On 12/11/2012 for $12.99 (Woot-Off)
Previosly Sold On 11/13/2012 for $12.99


Note that if you want it in time for Christmas, you must choose


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No promises but it’s worth a try.

The sellout, the moofi, AND the home are all knives. Knife.woot.com!

It’s probably for dealing with that mountain lion that pops up in bear country over on sport.woot. Someone get that mountain lion a map and a compass.

I’d be terribly embarrassed to be caught using these knives. Just go to a restaurant supply store and get their cheap knives instead, they look about the same, priced similarly, but at least they’re real kitchen knives that MAY hold up longer than a couple months.

I’ve used these knives for a long time. A good set of cheap knives. Better than your typical Farberware or whatever generic brand alternative.

I hear that these will keep you from being shot in the woods during hunting season.

I’ve had the utility knife for some time and it’s held up pretty well - these may be a great set of knifes for camping or picnics…

If I pay, could I just get Rachel Ray to come over and cook my Christmas meal, instead of sending me knives?

I have these knives (got them as a wedding present) and they are just OK. They do in a pinch, but they dull quickly and don’t leave a very smooth cut.

I wouldn’t order these knives if you paid me the $15.99…

We’ve had these knives for a while and they are definitely better than any other brand in the price range and don’t deserve the hate they’re getting in the other comments. They have a good feel in the hand and the “gusto-grip” is easy to hold onto, even when things get slippery (calamari). We use our knives daily and they hold a very sharp edge for weeks of hard use, then I swipe them back and forth in our $7 Ikea knife sharpener two or three times and they’re good for another few weeks.

To compare, our other knives of various brands hold a sharp edge for only a few days of use before I need to touch them up. I consider an edge sharp when I don’t have to gentle with a tomato (there is a reason they’re the litmus test of knives).

Currently $36 on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Furi-Rachael-Gusto-Basics-3-Knife/dp/B001NABGL8 and averaging 4+ stars.
Reviews seem to be very pleased with these as an inexpensive set of knives. There are a few 1 & 2 star reviews, which I tend to read skeptically unless there are many of them.
The single 3 star review (http://www.amazon.com/review/R3E95K188FP37Q) says these are a “nifty little set, and they’re FINE for any kind of home kitchen use”.
I’m in for 1, and will probably get rid of the massive knife block set (with 10 of the 12 never used) I got for my 5 year employment anniversary.

A word of caution, if you go to Amazon’s site and look at the original set of these you will see her name is on the knives. I spotted these the other day on Yugster and they are the same thing without her name on them. Which makes me wonder if these are indeed the real deal or some cheap knock off?

Not really worth the shipping cost alone. Pass

We don’t want anyone to worry, so we checked with our buyers and they told us these are totally legitimate. Buy with confidence, shoppers!

“Yeah, the guy who sold me these said they’re totally legit- nothing to worry about!”

LOL - I’m sure they are legit, I just found that to be very funny. :slight_smile:

I know no one really reads all of my post, so I like to highlight the key elements there.

So you want food poisoning instead of crappy knives?