Rachael Ray Entertaining

The chip 'n dip has come a long way, thankfully.

Share your thoughts! Or perhaps, share your best salsa.

Nah, cat. The original is still best. That thing’s amazing.

I love the look of these and have been wanting to try them. Check out QVC.com for plenty of reviews and some better prices!

I’ve also checked Amazon for prices and reviews. Was particularly interested in whether the tips would leak/dribble. Was concerned about some reviewers reporting staining due to fractures that seemed to be inside which leaked under the glaze (think that’s what they were trying to share). Maybe I’ll just stay with what I have and Bounty towels to wipe up the dribbles :slight_smile:

Girl, you should see the stuff I inherited when my grandmother moved to the retirement complex. Pure, glorious 40s & 50s kitsch with table linens to match. FUN! I snagged the Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments too :wink:

Ooh, I snagged some Shiny Brite’s during the retirement complex moves in my family too! And some small, crab-shaped ramekins for making Crab Imperial. However, I only got 4 of those and need more for a large dinner, so I’m checking out the smaller size offered here to fill out my place settings. Something completely different since they will never match.

I love the look of the Rachael Ray line! I’ve been eyeing the oil and vinegar set for quite some time, but the reviews on Amazon gave me pause. However I found them at my local Costco for just $14.99.

This stuff is as annoying as she is. Why would you shape it like that? Not very functional

It’s a safety margin built in by her employers for when you understandably try to force them into her annoying loud bellowing raucous face to choke and kill her.

The angles make it impossible to successfully murder.

Love the angles comment. The stuff woot’s offering looks like something from my late 60s kindergarten class. All I need to see is a big jar of paste, round point scissors and have Sesame Street playing in the background and I’m there.

Yes, it’s probably functional but not my cup of tea and rather expensive to boot.

Yeah, in all seriousness, it’s not to my tastes either.

Might be worth mentioning that they are the exact same colors that fiesta ware is available in.

The same brighter than reality ‘we use incredibly dangerous metals’ colors.
Somehow I quite like fiesta ware, but not these.

Perhaps they seem better in person?
(not a pun about choking her again).


She’s annoying, can’t cook, and I would never buy anything with her name on it, no matter who is peddling the junk. The shame of it all is that in the show that made her famous, she was nothing but a cheap*ss with her 8% tips.

So, tell us how you really feel… owait. :smiley:

yall deliciously mean

It all looks to me like it should be feminine hygiene products.

Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that has a “celebrity chef” name on it is going to be at least 50% more expensive than something of comparable quality without their ugly mug on it. I love watching food network and the cooking channel, but when it comes to shopping, I prefer to look for companies that spend money on the quality of the product rather than outsourcing production to china and using the savings to pay a celebrity endorser.

If you really want to get ideas from celebrity chefs, look closely at what they use on air that doesn’t have their name on it; that stuff is probably worth buying. You’ll likely see things like shun and global knives, all-clad cookware, le cruset or lodge cast iron, etc.

I would generally agree with this statement, with the exception of Wolfgang Puck. His line of stainless steel pans is actually quite good and at a fairly reasonable price. (though for full disclosure purposes, I own Calphalon, got a killer deal on it).

I haven’t seen any Puck stuff in person, maybe he is the exception that proves the rule.

I just don’t understand; these people’s names are their brand, why push crappy products? If I were Bobby Flay, I would be embarrassed to have my name on the horrible cheap cast iron skillet I saw in Khols a year or so ago. It was so poorly finished and jagged it hurt my hand to pick it up. It was also made in china, lighter weight and cost $5 or $10 more than a Lodge skillet (made in Tennessee). It is unconscionable.