Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Nonstick 10pc Cookware

this isnt that good of a deal. Walmart has 15 piece version of this for $85… if you don’t mind the orange color

is this oookware safe for flat glass stove tops?

This is not dishwasher safe

I have a ceramic cooktop and use my RR cookware on it. Works just fine.

Same price on mother ship if you add in shipping, and you get 6 colors to pick from. I have the pumpkin orange and like them so far. They cook food, that’s about all I care.

i purchased this red set for my mother as a christmas present for about the same price at W*M. the pots and pans cook food evenly and are holding up very well without damaging her glasstop stove. just keep in mind that you need to hand wash the pieces if you want the color to hold up, as the chemicals in dishwasher detergents will damage the enamel.

FWIW, i have a similar RR blue set that i purchased nine years ago, and the nonstick interiors still look and perform like they’re brand new. though i always hand wash pans (i didn’t even own a dishwasher for five of the nine years), the outer color has faded a bit in places, but my set has a solid color rather than the current gradient approach.