Rachio 2nd Generation Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio 2nd Generation Smart Sprinkler Controller

Fast painless install
wifi connection
no dials
set it and done IFTT technology
Real time on site weather factoring
County Reimbursement or Allowance on monthly bill (*participating Counties only)
EPA Watersense certified

No ethernet cable connection
no 5.0Ghz wifi
no waterproof outdoor housing included
no conduit fitting on case
stupid location for power jack
no system status lights
no wifi signal strength meter
no hinges on faceplate

Time to get up and running: 20 minutes (unless you are drilling in concrete walls)

Personal Skill Requirements:

Ability to connect to WIFI (Cat5 cable is not possible)
Ability to take photo from your cell phone
Ability to download and install the Rachio app onto your tablet or cell phone
Ability to register for an account at Rachio (free)

Equipment Requirements

2.4Ghz wifi connection with strong signal (use cell phone to see how many bars)
110v outlet for sprinkler controller power
Controller waterproof case (for outdoor installation only)
Tablet, desktop or cell phone
Drill to make holes for mounting screws (3)
Small Screwdriver to press each tiny zone tab that allow each zone wire to enter

I bought my Gen2 a few weeks ago on woot. As electronics go, price was fair. Costco had it for $129 and included a google mini…whatever that is.

Does my Gen2 work? You bet your sweet bippy it does. Mine came with 12 zones, not sure if everyone else got the 12 zone for $139. Extra zones is usually an upgrade more expensive model. Today’s unit is even better with 18 zones.

I had my Gen2 installed and running in about 20 minutes. The only glitch I had was trying to scan the barcode. But when I registered it manually, I was done.

So smooth and so cool. My Gen2 does everything for the homeowner/gardener. All you need is a descent wifi signal and to set each zone according to soil and light conditions. After that you will NEVER have to think about watering again.

I predict this unit will take over the sprinkler market very quickly, assuming the Rachio company doesn’t go under in the meantime. If Rachio went public with IPO stock, I would buy large amounts of the stock.

You don’t need the 3rd Generation version, this 2nd generation does it all. Buy it and never look back. In fact, buy one for all of your friends. They will be eternally grateful.

[Mod: the Costco one is 8 zones. We are selling the 16 zone version.]


In retrospect, wtf does woot place a limit of 3 per wooter. That is totally stupid in light of the fact that they didn’t sell out two weeks ago when I got mine, and it looks like they wont sell out today. A good gardener would buy everyone of these and go into the install business. In fact I might.

Being sold out isn’t a bad thing for customers. It will make us pay attention and not waste any time in going to Woot every morning.

This is a new sale with new inventory. :slight_smile:

How many yards do you have? Maybe we can help.

None, but that can change if people start responding to my FB post. LOL

LOL. I have a Rachio in the house I’m selling (SOMEONE PLEASE BUY MY HOUSE!!!) and I love it. I’ll have to get a new one when I find my next house.

I’ll trade a shiny nickel for it.