Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Turn the knob one way… it’s on
Turn the knob the other way… it’s off

I just saved you $90
Go get pizza & beer… keep the change

except some of us don’t connect a hose to a spigot to water the patch of weeds in front of our trailer, some of us have an underground irrigation system that requires a controller.

If you have such a controller, and I don’t expect you to understand this, you realize that the older style factory controllers have the least intelligent and least intuitive interfaces of any modern device.
If you have such a system you would find that this controller is absolutely brilliant and saves you hours per year programming, and saves hundreds of gallons of water per month with it’s adaptive and intuitive adjustments to the watering schedule.
After bidets this is the next best woot of all time.


Thanks for mansplaining it for us… now go use your fancy watering system to grow a sense of humor

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If you use the word mansplain your an idiot. Moving on…


Saw comments on the Woot, was expecting…

“Save your money it’s an older model”
“This is great and here is why”

Thanks for the insightful comment. It truly helped zero people.



Expectations are your problem.

I can’t wait to keep reading these comments all day. Entertainment!

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Yeah, we get it. He should have said “you’re” or “you are”. And yeah, your humor is AMAZING!, but seriously, the term “mansplaining” is for losers. Don’t be a loser. Just moving along…


Your original comment was semi-funny. Once you got to mansplaining and grammar correction, I had to fully agree with dustin57. Sometimes one should leave well enough alone instead of fully explaining how fragile of a snowflake they are. I suspect, this advise will be futile.


I bought this controller in 2016 to replace my Rainbird controller. Night and day, the old mechanical Rainbird was medieval in comparison. The Rachio has saved me quite a bit of money since it uses local weather forecasts and adjust the watering schedule as needed. I really don’t even need to worry about monitoring it anymore. And my lawn looks great! Highly recommended.

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So these are strictly for installed irrigation systems? Just returned from Vegas, I was amazed (and not in a good way) how folks were trying to turn the desert green. Came into Vegas from Kingman. Kingman was hot and dry. Went by the Hoover Dam and Lake Meade was really low. Came into Vegas and Vegas was hot and humid. I guess I know where all of the water in Lake Meade is going.

Too true

Woot: Do NOT teach people to put water on a grease fire! Of all the examples you could have chosen, this is a really bad one.

If someone is coming to Woot and reading the satirical product descriptions in an effort to learn…anything…then all the info in the world isn’t going to help them through life.

Darwin be thy name.

homersmrt - I have been looking for a “smart” controller for some time. Do you find the fact there are no manual/analog controls a problem?

I’ve been waiting on the 16 zone to come up on a deal. In the mean time I just slapped a cheap spare Sonoff smart relay into my old LawnMate 12.

It toggles the main solenoid ground wire based on Weather Underground forecasts via IFTTT.

No, I can’t control individual zones or duration, but it does a great job otherwise, and I can easily shut down the system remotely if the lawn care guy arrives, or the kid has to mow the lawn, etc.

I have this one and the rudimentary manual controls are good enough if you need to do that. I can’t recall if you could set a time when doing it that way, but you can actually manually turn zones off and on.

However, using your phone to test each zone is great…No running through the house just to turn the sprinkler off.

You can turn on zones manually if you choose, either from the app or directly on the box. You can choose how many minutes you’d like them to run. They can also be controlled by voice using Alexa or Google Home. I do that when I want to test a zone when I’ve changed something, for instance. Otherwise, it runs automatically and does a great job.