Rack & Riddle Sparkling (4)

Rack & Riddle Sparkling (4)

R’nt we all?

This one gets me every time. I REALLY want to order this but they don’t ship to WI. Yet each time it is up, I try just hoping that is not the case any longer.

Huge fan of this stuff. Just drank two of these the other night. I’d get more if I did not have 8 or so on hand. Tempted to get more anyway.

How do these compare to Gloria Ferrar, Iron Horse, Chandon or any other Sonoma sparkling? I already bought this but I’m curious to hear anyones opinion

I love Rack & Riddle! I had the Rose at my wedding and it was a hit. Buy it up!

No Idaho? But we’re sluts for wine!

They are yummy. :slight_smile:

If you drank two in one night, they will be gone in no time. Better order more. And another liver.

this one’s stuck, come on folks buy this up.