Racor Storage

Am I correct in thinking that the photo of the pegboard actually depicts two pegboards? The sale copy seems to be selling just one pegboard per order, but the picture appears be of two, because in the ad copy it’s described as a 16" square, whereas the photo is of a rectangular pegboard. Mods, any word?

Looks like you and I were thinking the exact same thing. It must be showing 2, as it’s a rectangle, as you mentioned.

The photo’s a bit deceptive, no? Maybe the sale is for a 2-pack?

Indeed. Unfortunately that’s the only pic we have from the vendor, but we have clarified in the caption that it’s two of them, the sale will just be for one.

Thanks for clarifying!

So I was looking on line to see if I could find out whether the pegboards could be painted. I learned that Walmart has them for $12.97, w/ free shipping >$50. They are in it to win it!

Peg board is less than $1/sq ft at your local hardware big box

rj’s right, the multi pack of hooks is worth the price but just pick up some peg board locally.

Looks like a good deal on the hooks, but yes, peg board is cheap

And the ladder hooks are $8.51 on Amazon, and they’re Prime eligible. Even if I bought the limit, I’m still saving a couple of bucks.


Any suggestions on how to use the bike hooks?