I love the colors on this one, and the fun 80’s/90’s vibe it gives off. I swear I’m seeing a mo-hawk in it’s greenery.

Colors that prove once again why silver is my favorite shirt color. Plus, Randyotter fun with a rad-ical attitude. So much win.

Dang, from the title, I was really hoping this would be a nuclear engineering pun.

YESSSSSSS!!! I love fruit and veggie people!!! I’m in for 2! One to wear and one for my Anthropomorphic Fruit and Vegetable collection. Does anyone else collect the same?

I love the use of color! I feel like we don’t see much pink, and the magenta tones really match the overall mood of the design. Nice work, randyotter!

Well it’s a rad shirt, but only ~ish.

wow,when did the price of a shirt jump? I could have sworn tshirts were only 10 bucks…

Here’s the blog. It happened back in January.

The blanks are different too – they switched from USA-made AA shirts to South American-made Anvil shirts. The sizing is quite different – especially for women – so watch out.

This shirt is pretty sweet action, I must say. Silver’s my favorite shirt color too… but I can’t pull the trigger on an Anvil…

That eye patch is gonna mess with his depth perception. I’m predicting a wipe out in the near future and he’s not even wearing a helmet. Tsk tsk

Ah geez, why does that lightning tattoo remind me of Harry Potter?

Do radishes have brains to be concussed?

He’d be even more rad if he was on a Razor RipStik® from tonight’s sport woot.

Far be it from me to criticize but why doesn’t Woot do more marketing? The possibilities for cross-promotion here…why can’t Woot see it?

That skating root is rather radishing, isn’t it? With that one leafy bit swooping down in front for a fabu rad 'do.

We need just a couple more veggie/plant/farming related tee’s so you can wear one a day all week!

Wear your “Graaaaaiiinns” shirt on Monday for when you’ve got a case of the Monday’s, “Okey Dokey” on Tuesday because that’s just kind of how tuesdays are… “Eat more meat” on Wednesday, need a shirt or suggestions for Thursday because “Rad-ish” has to be worn on Friday!

“Yay Broccoli” has to be featured too, these are the only ones/recent ones I remember that are applicable. Feel free to chime in and create your own Veggie week!

I’m totally digging the cap bill look of the radish leaves in the front. In fact, it’s safe to say I love this whole tee. It’s even safer to say I just love Randyotter. :slight_smile:

This is exactly what they look like as you pluck them from the earth as one of your first crops of the season. Skateboard and all.

It’s been a long time since I ate radish, or saw one skating for that matter. This adds a welcome splash of colour at woot that really suit the neatly observed anthropovegetable.

From a distance I thought the lightning bolt was butter.
In France they eat radishes with butter and salt as an appetizer. Yet another reason France is weird.