Radiant 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna

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Radiant 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna
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Very good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

This looks cozy. In a good way.

5.4 out of 5? Best reviews ever!

Thanks for catching that, I am sooo tired!!

and learn all about Radiant Saunas

I believe there is a conspiracy in timing this nearly siren-like sauna to sell the same day as this comparatively sane panel heater at only .059% the cost. It’s the coziest catch-22 ever conceived.

5 Stars at Overstock

Waiting on a 212 degree sauna instead…

Many people consider saunas a luxury comfort item but a recent study suggests that it’s also medically therapeutic. Researchers following 2,315 Finnish men since 1984 found these results:

  • men using saunas 4–7 times per week lived longer than men who only used saunas once a week

Frequent sauna users also had:

  • A 63 percent lower risk of sudden cardiac death
  • A 50 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • A 40 percent overall lower death rate

Interestingly, previous research found that cooler climates had less morbidity (aka fewer illnesses). Furthermore, prior research on saunas found harmful effects.

Despite this study’s positive results, those with hypertension and heart disease should consult their physician. That’s because a sauna can raise the heart rate to 100-150 bpm, and cause people to sweat 2lbs of water per hour. Of note, this increase in heart rate is similar to that of doing low to moderate intensity exercise. Perhaps that’s the secret.

The findings are published in the current issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, America’s most prestigious medical journal.

Speaking of elevating heart rates, here’s a sauna photo for you straight ladies and gay guys. :slight_smile:


A video about the current JAMA study on the cardio benefits of sauna use. I echo the concern that the results are merely correlative and not causal. As an aside, wassup with the circles under Dr. Ruth Kava’s eyes??? Looks like her glasses were too heavy and left a permanent impression.


This isn’t a sauna. It’s a heated box that’ll acquire a nasty smell of sweat before too long.

As I understand it, most of the studies touting benefits of saunas aren’t from these hot boxes but from real saunas (often called Finnish saunas) where temps go higher and humidity is increased by throwing water to the stones on top of the heater.

Hoping that someone that actually owns one of these (or one similar) chimes in. These have LONG been available on eBay at prices like this - but I’ve always wondered about long-term care & feeding (like - do they get funky)

Also - the rated Wattage is over that of a common household circuit - what sort of plug is on these?? Or do they really only run at < 1500W??

Add this thing to my list of ways I don’t want to die.


That Conan video was too funny! Thanks for sharing!

Agreed. There are these sit-down plastic enclosures that produce steam. Your head sticks out and you look like the Starship captain from the original Star Trek pilot episode. I suspect both can get moldy and yuckky without careful cleaning.

ALL WAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Do not even trust what I post. Dig for the details.

Just some specific details that have not been listed.

  1. The study was done back in 1984 / 1985. With a follow up in 2011.
  2. Laukkanen, a cardiologist at the University of Eastern Finland, said further tests would be needed for more definitive evidence.
  3. Before you head to the sauna it’s worth noting that not all saunas are built equal. The study looked specifically at Finnish saunas, which typically have very dry air and a temperature between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius—that’s a minimum of 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Read the article here.