Radiant 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna

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Not in for one ~ Socrates

Hemlock? Really?

You talked to that “Socrates” dude?
(That is pronounced “Sockrates” like from Bill and Ted’s movie.)

Oh, “hemlock” is POISONOUS!



I don’t understand one place says its 39 wide another says its 39 deep, which is it. How wide is the entrance/front?

Different brand, but nearly the same thing at Costco.com for $100 cheaper. And the Costco returns are much much MUCH easier.

Nice! ;^D

I hope everyone’s aware that the description is referring to the coniferous softwood Hemlock Tsuga species. I don’t think the wood or liquids are particularly harmful unless you’re trapped in a sauna with the temperature control set to ‘high rolling boil’.

UL Approved?

What I’m hearing is that one should not set this to “eleven.”

Answers to a couple questions:

• Assembled Dimensions: 49"W x 39"D x 75"H; Interior dimensions: 43"W x 35"D x 67"H

• This model operates on a safe 120v/15-amp power and is proudly backed by CE, CETL, RoHS and ISO 9001 certifications, internationally-recognized seals of quality, safety, and professional manufacturing.

Sorry but calling this a “Sauna” is an abuse of the word.

This is a hot box. Or large warming oven.

Minimal requirements for a “Sauna”:

  • Ability to pour water on the stove. (Gotta have a stove whether it be electric or wood fired.)

  • the 140 degree Fahrenheit limit is laughable.

Qualifications: 50% Finn, have built a custom real sauna, and have been taking real saunas for over 45 years.

The real irony is you could cheaply build a real sauna our of cedar for about the same price after a few trips to the lumber yard in the grocery getter. They’d even precut the planks for you if you just gave them the measurements. Throw a bench and a heater inside and you are done. The door is literally the only hard part, and can be done cheaply (wood fence gate style) if on a real budget.

Sauna heaters are a few hundred bucks…the trick is finding one that’s 120v.