Radio Controlled Microzoomer MIcro RC Car

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Radio Controlled Microzoomer MIcro RC Car
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Excalibur 9358S Black 1:72 Micro Zoomer BMW X5 RC Car

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haha random soldier

stupid :frowning:

Why does it have to look like a phone? WHY!!??!?!

Since this is so cheap, I figured it would sell out QUICKLY!!!

U know wut would go great with this Woot OFF? Some Pizza

are they f - i n g kidding?!~

does it shoot lasers?

I’ll buy it if it shoots lasers.

hahahaahha really? an RC car? Man I’d totally do this if the shipping didn’t throw it up to $7.


In for none!

Sheesh, from Decent stuff to eyesores.
Where is my NICE BOAT?

zoom zoom

yay! a remote controlled sports car…uh…wait a minute, a SUV? What am I going to a soccer game to drop of the kids?

would be cool w/o shipping.

when is woot going to sell plastic army men?

this makes a rubber dog turd humidor look good

It uses 7 batteries?! Jebus.

It looks like a phone for concealment :wink: