Radioactive Cat

Nice design, but needs more glow in the dark ink.

I’m glowing over this shirt. Seriously.

Dark, deep, cool

So the cat is radioactive? Is that it? Or is there a reference I am missing?

Nice touch on the fur detail.

It’s missing glow-in-the-dark paw prints…

I agree. This would be a great design to utilize a non-white glow in the dark element.

So I’m going to buy this shirt or I’m not — but I won’t know which until it happens. Is that how this works?

…is Schrödinger’s cat dead or alive?

The symbol at the bottom is for a biohazard, not radioactivity… boo.

This is clearly an upgraded version of Schrodinger’s cat where the poison is simultaneously radioactive AND a bio-hazard, thus cutting out the additional component of a radioactive source. :smiley:

Only when you’re trying to buy a Bag 'o Cat.

It’s just missing an unstable keg of gunpowder.

Uh… So, it’s not clear… Are there parts of this shirt that glow in the dark? If so, it would be nice to know what the glowing pattern is. If not, it would be nice to know why not?!? That’s a no-brainier, isn’t it?

Also, too bad about the wrong hazard symbol being used…

this is super cool

Schrodinger’s Cat may or may not be radioactive. It depends on how you hold your eyes.

Depends on how you look at it, radioactive food would definitely be a bio-hazard to any cat. Except, perhaps, for Schrodinger’s.

Now I want a MacGyver counter. That sounds epic.

“Only indie films can get away with letting a cat die” Ha.

No, those are still two distinct hazard classes. A biohazard would be something that has biological waste, toxins, or microorganisms in it where as a radioactive substance emits radiation. The destructive mechanisms of these are entirely different. Are there substances which are both hazards. Possibly, I don’t have an exhaustive knowledge of these hazard classes. radioactive blood or viruses perhaps?

I also am disappointed in the mislabeled dish hazard. Maybe there happens to be a biohazardous material that is fluorescent or something. Although I’d assume the hazard should be radioactive in order to linked to Schrodinger’s cat.

I’m thinking the dish is full of tuna that swam a little too close to shore near a nuclear reactor leak. How much of that did the cat have to eat to glow ?